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rainbow-troutKamloops Rainbow Trout

The Kamloops trout is admired around the world by anglers who appreciate the physical attributes that make it such a sought-after sport fish. This fish will surely keep anglers busy as it can sprint as fast as a racehorse, empty a fishing reel of line in seconds, and jump more than three times its length straight up in the air!

Kamloops Eastern Brook Trout

Eastern brook trout are widely regarded as a prestigious catch, especially in the waters in and around Kamloops and BC. Thanks to the high quality of water in Red lake, and the management of the regional biologist. With their distinctive orange colouring, eastern brook trout are without doubt one of the most beautiful freshwater fish in existence, and it comes as no surprise that they are considered so highly by enthusiast and professional anglers alike.

2014 Stocking

30,000 Eastern Brook Trout, 9000 Fraser Valley & 3000 Pennask.

Regional Daily Quota (refer to BC Fishing Regulations)

Trout/Char: (5) Single barbless hook, 2 daily quota possession, Engine power restriction 7.5kw (10 HP)

Report All Poachers and Polluters
Conservation Officer 24 Hour Hotline
1-877-952-RAPP (7277)
Cellular Dial #7277

Buying a Fishing License

** A non-tidal Angling Licence is required for fishing in all lakes in the Kamloops area. This applies to anyone 16 years of age or older angling in fresh water. Its now easier than ever to buy your B.C. freshwater fishing licence. You can buy it online prior to your trip to Kamloops. Click here for all your freshwater licensing needs. Licences are also available at the above fishing tackle stores.

Kamloops Fishing

The southern interior of British Columbia is home to some of the world’s best small lake rainbow trout fishing. The City of Kamloops sits at the hub of hundreds of fishable lakes. These lakes offer a wide variety of angling experiences from wilderness hike-in to highway accessible, and from trophy to family fisheries.

Regardless of the type of lake you fish, time of year and elevation often dictate what lures or flies will work best. This is because lakes undergo seasonal changes in temperature and water chemistry that affect where trout live in the lake and whether they will be actively feeding.

Insect hatches are dependent on water temperatures and therefore affect daily feeding habits of trout. Click here to learn more.

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